For those who own or work for small companies struggling to keep up with the complicated OSHA, EPA and state environmental regulations that impact small business.

I understand the compliance challenges & risks small businesses face

My own struggles managing EHS compliance with my small businesses, combined with the terrible events I witnessed with other small companies for failing to manage EHS culminated in a major research project and a new career path.

The research focused on why small businesses struggle with EHS compliance and the devastating price they pay, & ultimately lead to the creation of a vital, must-see report.  Learn how to reduce your risk & liability before it’s too late!

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non-compliance risks

OSHA Inspection
  • Serious Employee Injuries & Fatalities
  • Major Fines That Run Into $10s or Even $100s of Thousands of Dollars
  • Reputation Damage & PR Nightmares
  • Damage To Your Local Community & Environment
  • Lost Customers & Money
  • Civil & Even Criminal Liability
  • And More…

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My Experience & Struggles

My Contracting Businesses

My Contracting Businesses

Between my 3 contracting businesses, I had to answer to 6 different regulatory agencies

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Risks & Liabilities Cautionary Tales

Risks & Liabilities: Cautionary Tales

Devastating stories I’ve witnessed with clients, competitors and other small companies

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My Compliance Struggles

My Compliance Struggles

I struggled for years trying to understand & manage EHS regulations, just like most other small companies

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My mistakes made Lessons Learned

My mistakes made
& Lessons Learned

Learn the 6 most common EHS compliance mistakes made by small companies & how to avoid them

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